Let’s show you around!

We truly want you to have a great overall experience while you are in our care. Whether you are here to train or are waiting for a loved one we aim to take care of all that when you walk through our doors. Take a look at some of the amenities that we offer below.

Our mat area is over 2000 square feet of uninterrupted high quality Fuji Mats. Over-sized mirrors line the north side of the building in order to improve technique.

The dividing wall has the most unique feature, on the side facing the mats we have our knowledge wall. This wall has every technique required to know to progress through the ranks.

We also have additional equipment to further condition our bodies such as Pull-Up bars, ropes (both climbing and battle), tires (both for pulling and for flipping) plus much more planned for the future as we are always committed to improve how we condition our bodies.

We are proud to be able to offer two full sized changing rooms for men and women as well as a complete family restroom with changing table and includes complimentary baby necessities in case of emergencies.

We have a dedicated sibling section where the younger ones can be entertained while their brother or sister is training, or while waiting their turn to train. This also gives the adults an opportunity to enjoy watching those training through our television viewing area.

We have a water fountain conveniently located by the mats. Also there are refreshments for purchase such as vitamin waters and pre-workout drinks.